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Just a little technical nitpick. It would be nice if there was an RSS feed on , like there is on the main page of this site. I realize that's rushing through things, but it's how I get my information. Is there a reason there is no feed?

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Hi Neill, No one asked for the Barque blogs to be available through RSS. My main concern was I tend to edit posts after they're published and I thought subscribers would get duplicate copies (albeit corrected) but I've set the Barque blogs to allow full feeds through blogspot. Let me know if it doesn't work. Cheers, Barque
I'm constantly editing my blog posts, so I know what you mean. LOL Thanks for activating the feed. Thanks for your time and trouble. - Neill
I think we may need to wait until a new post is published on the blog to see that the post feed is activated. Cheers, Barque


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