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I would like some guidance about where to look for Jungian Therapists in the mode of Thomas Moore. Is there an on-line registry? I am in Madison, Wisconsin, but would be willling to use a therapist by phone...thanks for any help!

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Hi Richard,
Welcome to Barque. I'm not aware of an online registry of Jungian therapists in the mode of Thomas Moore. Here are four initial contacts that may help you to locate such therapists. Good luck with your search.

1. Dennis Merritt is a Jungian analyst and ecopsychologist based at the Integral Psychology Center in Madison, Wisconsin

2. The Integral Psychology Center
1619 Monroe Street - Madison, WI 53711
Phone 608/255-9330

3. Index to Myers-Briggs & MBTI Practitioners in Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio

4. Maria Taveras, L.C.S.W.
Jungian Analyst in Training, C.G. Jung Institute of New York
Telephone: (212) 683-7253
Actually, yes, I did the initial Intensive Journal workshop about 10-12 years ago here in Southern California. It's pretty formal and organized and I think a lot of what you learn in how to look at your dreams, thoughts, feelings, etc. could be accomplished on your own in a less formal way.

Having said that . . . I'm glad I did the workshop when I did it. It was very helpful in deciding how to "keep" my journal. Over time, I've not been quite so formalized, but I love how it can be used to stimulate discussions between all the parts of myself. At the time I was doing the workshop and the follow-up weekly discussion that I went to for awhile, I was also in analysis with a Jungian analyst, so it dovetailed very nicely with the work I was doing there.

Also during this time, I met some wonderful people, mostly women, who were also on the path and using the Journal process. It seems like in SoCal there are always a lot of seekers, but the Intensive Journal really felt grounded and not flighty at all. It's been around a pretty long time.

If you haven't picked up the book, you might want to do so. It's good and detailed.

All in all - using the Journal Process helped me immeasurably and I suspect that some of the goals I've achieved are a direct result of allowing myself to "go there" (e.g., go to deep places within myself that I hadn't explored fully).

Good luck!

~Laura (or should I say . . . another Laura)


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