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Dear Barque members,
Given our sincere fondness for Tom's work, the importance of this Presidential election, and the differences between the candidates, I thought it might be an enriching and interesting exercise to begin a related discussion. Which candidate seems to most closely embody the ideas Tom talks about in his writing? How do they do that? How would the leadership of either candidate affect our lives in terms of soulfulness? Or wouldn't they?

I look forward to hearing the views of others on these questions and other related points.


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Hmm, I would say cynical. I haven't the slightest expectation that Barack will be without flaws. Yet I do not share your concerns. Instead, I see somone who is a bright, tender-hearted, strong leader--and I see somone who will be open to new ways of approaching our serious problems. I belive he will work to unite, not polarize, us. This leadership quality that he seems to embody is even difficilt to put into words, but I sense it and so do many people that I know. So for me, the concerns you express (while they might be real) simply pale in comparison to what now seems possible for our country and the world. I trust that over arching beneficial change is now being set in motion as a result of this election choice.
Sorry for not being clear enough. I meant to say many people believe they are independent of political parties once they join the Independent Party. Only as a non-partisan is that so. Just a point I wanted to make. Sorry if it sounded didactic.

Thomas has started blogging with Psychology Today in the magazine's Spirituality area. His first post is about the U.S. presidential election, "Lighten Up with Gravitas." Barque members interested in this discussion may want to read his comments in his new blog, Care of the Soul.
Thanks for everyone's contributions. Rob, I know precisely what you mean about "just rocks." I have been amazed by several things during this election period. One is how my McCain supporting friends seem to be less open or receptive to nuance--they are more apt to express an attitude of "cut the BS...get 'er done" rather than look at a range of issues and their long term consequences. Likewise, my McCain supporting friends seem to orbit around issues of "me," "mine" and :country." I find that a curious contrast with my concern, for example, which happens to be the health and well-being of the planet.

Again, thanks to everyone who has added their thoughts here.

Antisthenes, (a student of Socrates) called the Cynic, is supposed to have said he would rather fall among crows than flatterers (the two words sound similar in Greek), for the one devour the dead, but the other the living. I hope Obama's flatterers remember to crow now and then. :-)



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