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Barque Network Member Bradley Brooks wants to discuss Moore's book, Care of the Soul so I've started this discussion to focus on COTS as Bradley refers to it. He wrote in one of his comments about an Emily Dickinson poem. I hope Bradley gets a copy of the book and shares his concerns with network members. Anyone else who wants to discuss features of COTS — please contribute.

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I    WILL   POST   THE   EMILY   DICKERSON    POEM     6/25/2012    I    DON'T    HAVE   IT   ON   ME   RIGHT    NOW   SORRY  ----THE    POEM   IS    ACTUALLY   IN    THE   BOOK   CARE    OF   THE    SOUL     THANK    YOU     SO   MUCH    FOR     RESPONDING     TO    MY    POST     WHOEVER    YOU     ARE   I   HAD    GIVEN     UP HOPE                  THERE    WERE         ANY    LIKEMINDED    POEPLE     OUT   THERE     WHO    WANT     TO     DISCCUSES    COTS


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