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March 2019

Susan Matyas interviews Thomas Moore for her free Ageless Woman podcast series. Watch this 45 minute podcast: based on Moore's recent book, Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy . He talks about soul, aging, sexual energy, and the need to be strong and courageous. He dismisses clarity as a useful feature of soulful living.

Available in Japanese:

Wall Street Journal picks Ageless Soul as one of the best books of 2017 about healthy aging.

8 June 2018  NEW!
Listen to Christy Sperrazza's Ageless Soul: An Interview with Thomas Moore as she asks Moore about his new book Ageless Soul. Moore talks about the materialism of current times, the denial of aging, Emerson's sense of gestation, nurturing soul, and alchemically processing life as a feature of aging. He ends by reading a paragraph about trusting nature from his book. This interview is approximately 58 minutes.

15 April 2018

In this interview on Sunday Journal, as Hal Clark talks with Thomas Moore about his new book Ageless Soul. Moore describes combining youthfulness with age; how illness wakes us up; what loneliness may want; how to be open to change. Presented by 98.5 WYLD FM in New Orleans, this radio segment is approximately 13 minutes.

AuthorStory podcast
18 March 2018
"How you are an ageless soul"
Interview by Alexander Lim
Audio: 30 minutes
Program notes for Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy

Friday 23 March 2018

Kansas Public Radio interview by Dan Skinner on Conversations with Thomas Moore: Conversations: Thomas Moore, Ageless Soul. Listen now as Moore answers Skinner's thoughtful questions about aging in this 14.5 minute segment.

Monday 12 March 2018
Allan Misner shares his 40+ Fitness podcast with Thomas Moore about Ageless Soul. Moore starts at 6:11 on the media bar. 

25 February 2018

Peter Solomon with 94WIP SportsRadio in Philadelphia interviews Thomas Moore during his Conversations podcast on 25 February 2018. This segment is 40 minutes.

Do you fear aging?

25 February 2018

Carole Marks talks with Thomas Moore about Ageless Soul.

Scroll down the linked page.

The interview is from 28:00 to 44:05 on the counter.

March 2018
"Your Ageless Soul" Shine On! The Health & Happiness Show

Interview by Kacey Morabito-Grean

SoundCloud Audio: The interview is from 7:00 to 17:45 on the counter. 

9 February 2018
"Awakening Soul"
Interview by Brandon Peele Webcast: One hour

5 February 2018

Ageless Soul
Interview by Alvin Jones
Program notes
Audio: 14:26 minutes 

1 January 2018

Read "The bestselling author is ringing in the new year with his latest book, Ageless Soul" by Kevin O'Connor, correspondent for the Brattleboro Reformer in Vermont. O'Connor writes of Moore's event at Manchester's Northshire Bookstore for his new book, Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy.

5 December 2017
Listen to Greg Voisen interview Thomas Moore on his 40 minute podcast for Inside Personal Growth. Moore talks about Emerson's ideas of transformation, anger, melancholy, a love for learning, and sex. He concludes with the need to resist some current cultural values that move us away from living a soulful life.

Kathleen Hirsch shares her conversation with Thomas Moore, recently published in the journal Anchor. Hirsch met with Moore for breakfast in Cambridge, Massachusetts before publication of Ageless Soul. Moore says:

In the monastery, I learned that ‘to work is to pray.’ What you do is prayer. That got through to me. I’ve always viewed my individual work as drawing out a person’s inner excellence. This was what the Greeks meant when they used the word, ‘therapy,’ which they did quite a bit. Plotinus added the element of beauty. These are my sources. And my writing is my personal daily spiritual practice. As soon as I wake in the morning, I go to my desk.

19 November 2017
Alan Hutner with Transitions Radio Media (TRM) interviews Moore in a five-part podcast that is available for download. Each segment is approximately 11 minutes. The interview is Thomas Moore Complete Interview: Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey....

21 November 2017
In Ireland, TV3 prints Liz Connor's discussion of Moore's book, published by Simon & Schuster in the U.K.:
"Dread growing old? Here's how to age happily and see getting older...

Krysta Gibson
Keeping It Real
"Aging versus Getting Old"
Video podcast: 23 minutes

1 Nov. 2017

Jim Walsh, Southwest Journal ,Happy All Souls Day from Soul Man no. 1

"...  the just-published Ageless Soul may be Moore’s most crucial work to date and a must-read for contemplatives of all ages."

12 Oct 2017

John Donahue, The Rountable on WAMC Northeast Public Radio interviews Thomas Moore about Ageless Soul.

Approximately 8.5 min. 

Posted 6 Oct 2017

Connie Bowman Podcast Interview about Ageless Soul approximately 42 min

5 Oct. 2017
Fire it Up with CJ
Podcast interview approximately 1 hr 11 min

13 Sept. 2017

Excerpts Look inside! Introduction and Chapter One
The Value of religion for elders, offered by Spirituality and Practice
SoundCloud 6 minute audio excerpt

"How to age joyfully: Dreading getting old?
Remarkable book by former monk turned psychotherapist
reveals how to make those 'difficult' years the most happy,
enriching (and sexually fulfilling) of your life"
27 Oct. 2017

"Aging is a deep initiation" by Thomas Moore, Soul and Spirit, Patheos blog

Personal Reflections about writing Ageless Soul by Thomas Moore for Kripalu Center


JUST ADDED from January 2018:

Jane Genova's review under the headline "Ageless Soul" - We Baby Boomers Needed This Book 15 Years Ago on her blog, Over 50: Helping Baby Boomers to continue to earn income, as long as they want:

24 January 2018 

Author and writer Bev Scott answers "Am I an Elder?" based on Moore's description in Ageless Soul as she recounts her recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with her daughter and grandson. 

15 January 2018

Smart Strategies for Successful Living:

Ruth Ray Karpen, a researcher, writer and retired English professor, who has published books and articles on aging and old age, life story writing, and retirement, reviews Thomas Moore's new book, Ageless Soul"The Soul of Retirement".

Ottawa-based  Aging Horizons Bulletin posts its review under the question "What is Soulful Aging?"
in the January/ February 2018 issue.

"This courageous book celebrates maturity, 
holding out to the end a promise of fullness of life."

Tom Rapsas responds to Ageless Soul in his blog with Patheos:
13 November 2017 "Are you just growing old — or are you aging with purpose?"
17 November 2017 "The 10 Keys to Happier Aging

For U.K. readers, Ashley Clarke writes "How to Grow Old Gracefully" in Mr Porter's The Daily

"Ageless Soul is not a handbook on how best to prevent wrinkles (you’ll have to peruse MR PORTER’s grooming section for that), but instead a guide on how best to get comfortable in the skin you’re stuck with."
He briefly shares some of Thomas Moore's advice in Ageless Soul under three headings:
o.1 Feel the Sting
0.2 Don't Lie
0.3 Actively Participate

Ageless Soul review by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
Spirituality and Practice
Added 13 Oct 2017
Ageless Soul reviews on

Ageless Soul by Thomas Moore Book Trailer

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