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Hi folks,
I thought I'd share a wonderful Moore resource.
I discovered what appear to be new videos at:

Thomas Moore: Why Do Bad Things Happen?
Ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? Author and psychotherapist Thomas Moore says the question we should be asking is, how are we making life bad for the people around us?

Thomas Moore: Nurturing Your Spirit and Soul
Author and psychotherapist Thomas Moore says it's possible to bring our soul--the deepest part of ourselves--in touch with our spirituality without moving away from everyday life and experience.

Thomas Moore: Raising Good Children?
How can you develop your child’s spiritual life? Author Thomas Moore says that children learn by example, but parents need to be careful about imposing their own issues on their children.

Thomas Moore: Your Spiritual Life
Everyone has a unique path to a more spiritual life, says spiritual teacher and former monk Thomas Moore. Yours might be found in books, in travel, or in the simple act of reaching out to someone near you.

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