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March 2009 Blog Posts (3)


Here's an inspiring alternative to mainstream media, which tends to divide and sour our everyday appetite for fresh and substantive ideas on how to live well and learn:


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Further reflections from The Soul of Religion

If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise. — William Blake, Proverbs of Hell

"This ironic foolishness is not literal stupidity. It is something infinitely subtle […] As such it is compatible with clear thought and good judgment […] Those who have written in praise of the fool, such as Plato, Erasmus, Jung, Yeats, Blake, Dickenson, and Lao-tzu, were all brilliant minds but they were aware of an entirely different kind of intelligence."… Continue

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My Reflections on Tom's Writing

"Every human life is a profound mystery. Deep and invisible currents make us who we are, and the world around us is full of secret intentions and laws. One response to all this mystery is to treat it as a problem to be solved and to do everything possible to be informed and in control. But another way is to bow down in ignorance and confess our limitations. " [p.xv]

These opening passages to The Soul’s Religion are touchstones along the road I trudge. I take them… Continue

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