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Recent resources for Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore offers recent resources about his current work and activities.

Moore's new book A Religion of One's Own, published by Gotham Books (Penguin) may be out later this year.

These are available at and Moore's public FB page. I'll list four of them here for convenience:

1. Moore's promo video for the golf retreat in Killarney, Ireland May 12-17 2013…


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Spend time with Buddhism's Heart Sutra

On 19 April 2012 Thomas Moore @thomasmooreSoul tweeted:

"It's worth reading the Heart Sutra every day to realize the ultimate purpose for everything we do. It takes a while to arrive at Zen empty."

In addition to reading it, you may enjoy two YouTube videos:

Heart Sutra in Sanskrit (with English transliteration)…


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Moore has full weekend of events in U.K.

Thomas has a full schedule in the U.K. this coming weekend as posted on his public FB page. Barque members who are there may want to check out attending one or some of these appearances. Also, his essay "Natural Mystics" is available online at Feel welcomed to post any reactions or comments here as well as on his public FB page. I enjoyed rereading the Spirituality &…


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Emily Dickinson poem

A little Madness in the Spring

Is wholesome even for the King,

But God be with the Clown –

Who ponders this tremendous scene –

This whole Experiment of Green –

As if it were his own!

by Emily Dickinson

This seems appropriate given our unseasonably…


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James Hillman: A Psyche the Size of the Earth

An edited synopsis based on James Hillman's introduction to Ecopsychology (1995, eds. Roszak, Gomes & Kanner).

QUOTE: "Moreover, an individual's harmony with his or her "own deep self" requires not merely a journey to the interior but a harmonizing with the environmental world. The deepest self cannot be confined to "in here" because we can't be sure it is not also or even entirely "out there"!…


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Welcome back

Dust off your log-in. Clean out your dated posts and get ready for 2012. Barque: Thomas Moore Network is back. Check in if you'd like with a self-introductory blog comment to this post and let's get reacquainted.

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Barque Forum may need a new home

Dear Barque members,

Please go to Thomas Moore's Fan Page, not his personal page, on Facebook. Click the Discussions tab at the top and briefly check in at the Barque: Thomas Moore topic. Many thanks, Your Welcoming Committee

Thomas Moore Fan Page:…


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Qualities of Soul

In an earlier Discussion; I asked about some of the "lost Gospels". So, I bought the book "The Nag Hammadi Scriptures", edited by Marvin Mayer. Anyway, I'm nothing less than awe struck, and many 'truths', as taught for centuries have or are challenged by these writings. The book… Continue

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THE DARK EROS OF THE BIG BACKSIDE (Discussion followed by a story)

When I was “doing education” for animal control, I used to complain that the four main things I needed to talk about were all taboo in polite society: Birth, death, sex and shit. Of course, the reason they cried out for education was that when something is taboo, it cannot be discussed and therefore no one knows anything much about it. They just wander around making guesses and accumulating wrong-headedness.

This is not just true of dogs. People are also much in the dark about their… Continue

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U tube clip on Venus

I just watched this clip, and, as sometimes happens in life, it spoke exactly to my thoughts at this time. First of all, it confirmed for me some musings of my own, about how the entire quality of one's thinking and one's life directly impacts the particular events that unfold. Taking the pressure off of another person in relationship, and bringing the focus back to oneself, and the quality of one's own life, confers greater peace and harmony, both within the self and in relationship to… Continue

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


“The Education of Little Tree” (1976) is one of the most notorious of the faux Indian identity books but I had not read the book (still haven’t) and just saw the movie last night. The movie the night before was “Gran Torino” about a cranky old white man who hates minorities. I had not understood the connection between the two when I started reflecting on them in my attempts to get a good grip on the psychological… Continue

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


The most horrible thing is not death -- it’s being stuck between life and death, not being able to die and not being able to get better. People in this situation are called zombies. The American culture likes zombies because they make money. Just in the movies alone they are box office gold, although not quite as good as vampires who are also stuck between states.

Also, real people who are only partly dead lie in beds with a lot… Continue

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The blizzard started, as forecasted, just about suppertime last night and is roaring today. It roared all night. Now the world is submarine and somehow subconscious, altered and blurred as in a dream. When I woke up the second time, I spent a long time slipping back and forth into and out of a hypnogogic state. The forecast for Wednesday is forty below, unreal. I haven’t finished winterizing.

The hypnogogic state is when you’re halfway between dreams and consciousness, in a sort of… Continue

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Instead of using fancy philosophers to peg my two forces, described in my fav Flaubert quote which I keep above the computer (“Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.”), since I’ve never made a serious study of philosophers (don’t have the head for it) and since I’m moving around in the work of Hillman and Moore, I’ll say I’m working on Vesta “versus” Pan (the Cinematheque boys) and Dionysis/Hermes which I’ll assign to Barrus. This is using… Continue

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Putting principles into practice

Using the idea that an ordinary incident can be analyzed as though it were a dream, I used the hot news of Tiger Woods' accident to see what a little analysis could reveal. It's on my blog because it's too long for this venue, but it turned out to be quite interesting as well as touching. I pretended that the dream was one that most of us shared. Don't we all share the dream of being talented, handsome and… Continue

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I'm glad I found this forum. I discoved Moore's writing about a year ago, starting with "The Soul of Sex," and became an instant fan. In the last year I've also read "Life at Work," "Care of the Soul," and I'm currently on "Soul Mates." Obviously, I have found meaning in his words. I read a lot of spiritual books, but there is always something missing, and I sometimes find myself "ungrounded." I guess that's way I like Moore's books, they find the sacred in the everyday, an acceptance of the… Continue

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Starting School - Fitting in without losing the magic

We all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires and comets inside of us. We are all born able to sing to birds and read the clouds, and see our destiny in grains of sand.’ Robert McCammon, (*1957) Boy’s Life

And then, as we get older, we learn that magic so acceptable in a practical world – we get yelled at, told off, encouraged to ‘colour within the lines’ and to not make up stories.

My son started school this week – he was so excited, and… Continue

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Hello to all. I am very happy to have found my way here today. This morning a friend read to me from Mr. Moore's article in this month's Spirituality and Health magazine. It's an excerpt from his new…

Hello to all. I am very happy to have found my way here today. This morning a friend read to me from Mr. Moore's article in this month's Spirituality and Health magazine. It's an excerpt from his new book, and she is inspired by the idea of 'rethinking' the gospels. I am too. It also made me remember how I much help I received from Mr. Moore several years ago. I was in a very dysfunctional relationship and could not figure out why. Then I read about 'the work of the soul', and Mr. Moore's… Continue

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Raising Paradise

Thomas Moore points to the late John Moriarty as a major influence. In digging through Moriarty’s oeuvre I’ve been surprised to note this remarkable Irish philosopher makes almost no mention of gardening – his livelihood since he parted ways with academia as a young man. I’m surprised because I am myself a gardener - indeed, I lurk around the fringes of the ‘paradise gardening’ community, the avant-garde(ners) exploring that vital… Continue

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Here's an inspiring alternative to mainstream media, which tends to divide and sour our everyday appetite for fresh and substantive ideas on how to live well and learn:


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